How To Choose The Right Rescue Dog For You!

There are hundreds of thousands of rescue dogs out there, So how do you choose what type of rescue fits your family.

We all want to rescue a dog with a terrible story and give it the kind of life it deserves, however these poor creatures have issues that will need to be worked through and may not be the right dog for your family. The worst thing for a rescued dog, is to be adopted, and the new owner realizes they are not the right home for this dog. The dog then goes back into the system. They already struggle with abandonment issues and now, if they are lucky, come to trust a new owner, only to be abandoned again. This creates more trust issues and insecurities, very much like children in foster care system. This happens every day because a person hears the story and they want to help or they fall in love with the look of the dog. It is important to take your time and meet different dogs, go visit the dog a couple of times. Ask the shelter or rescue employees about the personality and behavior of the dog you are interested in. If you have a dog at home, your dog should be brought to meet the possible new dog you are interested in and make sure they are a match. I get called out all the time because people are having a problem with their dogs fighting with each other. It is better to bring in a female if you already have a male or a male if you already have a female. Having an age gap between the dogs is also helpful for example if you have a 4 year old at home, I would bring in a dog less than two years of age. If the dogs are too close in age, especially dogs around the age of 2 – 3 years, they may want to challenge each other for position in the pack. Younger dogs with an older dog sometimes bring the life back into an older dog but be aware, sometimes a younger dog will stress an older dog. Maybe your older dog would like an older companion. People also tend to want to adopt siblings, which can become a problem between the siblings as they become young adults, If you do want to adopt siblings, again, choose a male and a female they have a better chance of getting along with each other through out their life.

First question to ask yourself is what personality will fit in our family?
Are you an active family? If so then you want a rescue that is more outgoing, active and shows good social skills with people and other animals. Are you an older couple with restrictions on activities? Then an older dog would be a better fit or a dog that needs a quiet home or is fearful and not very social with other dogs. Are you a family with young children? If so, you want a calmer dog that does not jump or play bite but still likes chasing a ball and playing. Shy or fearful dogs, teacups or smaller dogs are not recommended for smaller children as they can be too rough with a tiny or small dog. A medium size dog around 30– 40 lbs. would be better. Teenage children are more able to handle the larger more active dogs. A family with time, patients and experienced older children in the house make good homes for those rescues dogs with the sad story that will be a project.

In closing there is a rescue dog out there for everyone just make sure you give a forever home to a rescue that fits into your life. This is a life time commitment and should not be jumped into without careful thinking and everyone in the family should agree on the rescue. There is no such thing as this is my wife’s dog or my husband’s dog and definitely it is not a child’s dog. The rescue should be a family dog.

Remember, Adopt, Don’t shop!!!!!!

Valerie Masi
Best Paw Forward

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