Why Socializing Your Dog Is Important

Many people are not aware that their dogs are social creatures like humans. Because of this people tend to feel that a nice backyard is all they need. This is false. I like to use the analogy “ If I gave you a beautiful mansion to live in for a month with everything you need, the only stipulation is you cannot have visitors or leave, how long before you go stir crazy?” It can be fun for a couple weeks but after a while you will need to get out an about. That’s how your dog feels. It needs to get out and be part of the world to stay happy and balanced. Walks are the most important however socializing with other dogs and people help to keep your dog in a friendly place. Being isolated from the outside world creates anxiety and fear aggression. Dogs that may already be in this state of mind can be helped by a professional trainer that is familiar with this behavior problem. I suggest you do not try to socialize a nonsocial dog without professional help. So next time you lace up your shoes to head out don’t forget to bring your canine friend.

Valerie Masi
Best Paw forward

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