Val & Fiona

Valerie & Fiona

Best Paw Forward is owned and operated by Valerie Masi.

Valerie is a graduate of the National K-9 School Of Dog Training, where she holds a Master Trainer Certificate and a graduate of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College where she holds a Certificate in Animal Behavior, Training & Management.

Valerie has over 28 years experience training dogs in basic & advanced obedience, tracking, protection & attack work, service dog training, narcotics, trick training, specializing in aggressive behavior problems and much more.

Valerie has worked with ten’s of thousands of dogs which has earned her a proven success rate.



Valerie’s certifications makes her a unique trainer here in the desert, understanding dog behavior and knowing all training techniques gives her the tools to custom fit training and behavior modification to fit the individual dog. Valerie has earned a Master Trainer Certificate (National K-9 School Of Dog Training), Behavior, Training & Management Certificate (Moorpark College) and a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Certificate (AKC).

Valerie offers individual consultation and custom training for you and your pet. Using advanced leadership skills, Valerie is able to maintain a calm, safe environment for optimal training results. Your pet will be excited to learn and you will feel in control of your surroundings again.

Since training can be stressful for the pet and owner/guardian, Valerie will teach the owner/guardian how to communicate, think and train their dog in a stress free atmosphere on their own. Valerie will also give the owner/guardian the tools and confidence to handle new problems may they arise and how to deal with them.


I thought you’d enjoy the email below.
It’s thanks to YOU, in great part, that Little Beau is so well socialized and well adjusted.

The best thing I ever did for him, and us, was to send him to you for 2 weeks. You really did a wonderful job training him, and both Michael & I are so grateful to have a dog we are proud to take out in public with us.
When I picked up Zoe from Shura yesterday, I said, “how did Little Beau do?” she paused and said “He is…” and I though, uh oh…here we go…”so awesome!! We said we wished that Beau lived here. He was great.”
Thought you’d like to see this comment from my sister about the daycare, Bark to Basics, that Little Beau attended in SF.

Speaking of great sons, your little over achiever got free day care at Shura’s!! I got her bill and there were only single charges for the days both pups were there!!

I got a “report card” from The Hound Lounge saying that “Little Beau was so much fun to have and that they were only sorry he didn’t live in SF”!!!

As I’ve said before, all the credit goes to you, Valerie, for socializing him so well.