About Best Paw Forward Dog Training


Meet Valerie Masi

Your Certified Dog Trainer

I specialize in aggressive behavior problems. I believe that most aggressive behavior problems can be fixed. My goal is to educate dog owners to properly communicate with their dogs and avoid problems. There is no better feeling then to help a dog transform into a wonderful well behaved dog.

The Best Paw Story


Valerie becomes a trainer while working for Kathy Gale at Capitola Kennels.


Valerie graduates from National K-9 School Of Dog Training, the first accredited dog training school in the country. A 4 month live-in program where where she earned her Master Trainer Certificate.


Valerie establishes a new dog training business in Santa Cruz, CA called Doggie Manners.


Valerie was accepted into the prestigious Moorpark College Exotic Animal Training and Management program (now called America’s Teaching Zoo).


Valerie graduates with an AA degree in Behavior and Animal Management and is certified as a Project Wild Instructor.


Valerie moves to the Desert and changes the business name to Best Paw Forward and receives the Canine Good Citizen Evaluator certificate.